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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Venice skyline sunrise
Kruger Park waterhole, South Africa
Amsterdam canal, The Netherlands
Pangkor Laut resort, Malaysia
Dolomites, Italy
Prosecco region, northern Italy
Queensland beach
Lake Bled, Slovenia

travel unpackaged



Specialists in personalised travel itineraries



Travel Unpackaged – our name says it all.  We design unique tailor-made itineraries personal to you. Not everyone wants a standard package tour – no two travellers are the same, so why should your itineraries, accommodation, flights and activities be the same as everyone else?


Planning a trip is far more than booking tickets and hotels. It is deciding where to go and what to do when you get there. Deciding what will rejuvenate, fascinate, entertain and inspire you. 

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What we do


Travel Unpackaged provides a planning service for independent travellers, tailoring a trip to your precise needs, interests, passions and budget.  We specialise in designing detailed, personalised itineraries, ensuring that you get the most out of your trip.


Travellers who don’t have the time or inclination to research their trips often miss out on a lot.  We do all that for you, whatever you feel you need - trip ideas, destination details, airline routings, daily activity suggestions, recommended wines for dinner, even souvenir suggestions.


We take care of the stress of planning your trip, so you can relax and enjoy yourself on it.

Who We Are


Who we are


Travel Unpackaged – our name says it all.  We design unique tailor-made itineraries personal to you - the opposite of a Package Tour or Holiday. 


My name is Linda Rooney and I am the Director of Travel Unpackaged. I have been travelling independently since I was 17, and yet I still get a thrill at the prospect of a new trip. I take as much care in planning trips for my clients, friends, and family as I do for myself.  

We are based in New Zealand – the home of the world’s greatest travellers – but we have lived and worked in Asia and beyond over the last thirty years, and we love to travel. In 2013, Travel Unpackaged was based out of Italy for several months, as we escaped the southern winter.  


We would love to welcome you to New Zealand, or to introduce you to our favourite places around the world (or the places still on our bucket list). We'll help you get to anywhere in the world you want to go.  


Linda Rooney, Travel Unpackaged Director


Our philosophy


Travel should be fun.

It should entertain us.

It should educate and inspire us.

It should rejuvenate and motivate us.


Every traveller benefits from good planning.

We hate to see anyone miss out on wonderful travel experiences

through lack of preparation.

We enjoy seeing our clients travel almost as much as if we were travelling ourselves.


Travel Unpackaged suitcase
Baby elephant, South Africa

​Who are our customers?


singles, couples, families, honeymooners, friends, busy people, 

independent travellers, nervous/first time travellers who want step-by-step instructions, 

experienced travellers who know what they want but have no time to sort it out, 

travellers who just want to get on with enjoying their trip when they arrive, 

travellers who want to find the “off the beaten track” treasures, 

thorough travellers who want to know they’ve not missing anything, 

flexible travellers who don’t want to be tied to a strict schedule, 

travellers with too many options – Turin or Timbuktu? 

busy people relocating to another country as residents, 

anyone who needs to look after overseas visitors, 

anyone who wants to see the world.



Let us inspire you


Click here to go to our inspiration page, where you can see pictures from Travel Unpackaged owners, staff, friends, family and clients. Or you can link to our old blog (new blog coming) for articles on over 70 destinations.


Travel Unpackaged Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand

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Fill in the form or email us to get started, or ask any questions.  

We can then call, Skype or message you to discuss your perfect trip.

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